As we embark on another exciting year at Tattersalls Club, we are thrilled to share some updates and insights regarding our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional value and service to our members.

Membership Growth and Diversity

We are delighted to report sustained growth in our membership, with a notable surge in young, female, and family members. This vibrant influx of new perspectives and energies enriches our community and enhances the Tattersalls experience for everyone.

Leadership Transition

We are excited to announce that under the guidance of our new Secretary and General Manager, Will Pettigrew, we anticipate another year of progressive transformations. Will brings a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to the role, and we are confident in his ability to lead us to new heights.

Subscription Rate Adjustment

In light of the current economic landscape characterised by inflationary pressures, the Committee has determined a necessary adjustment in subscription rates to sustain the quality and breadth of member services. Despite our best efforts to mitigate the impact, escalating costs in energy, food, insurance, and interest rates compel us to implement an increase.

In comparison to nearby private members’ clubs in Sydney, where subscription hikes range between 9% and 10%, we’ve endeavored to keep our increase below our peer group’s average and aligned with our rising input costs. Thus, the Committee has resolved to raise the base subscription rate for all categories by 8.5% this year.

Membership Renewal Statements

Please expect your membership renewal statements to arrive on June 1st via If you wish to make any modifications to your current membership, please contact

On behalf of your Club Committee, fellow Members, and the Tattersalls community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your loyalty.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Tattersalls family. Here’s to another year of camaraderie, growth, and shared experiences.

We value your feedback and suggestions immensely as we strive for continuous improvement. Please feel free to reach out to Will directly at with any thoughts or ideas you may have.