Have you had the pleasure of meeting Diana Joy Valentine? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! Diana, whose middle name perfectly encapsulates the joy she’s brought to our Club and team, and is our latest Administration superstar.

You might not have had the chance to get to know Diana yet, as she’s been diligently working behind the scenes in our office, managing members’ accounts and house accounts. But trust us, she’s been making waves since her arrival at the end of June.

In the few short months that she has been with us, she has proven herself as a dedicated and hardworking member of our team. It’s only fitting that she’s been awarded the Employee of the Quarter for the impact she’s had on our Club.

From day one, she’s been putting in the extra effort to clean up member accounts during the member system transition and has brought a breath of fresh air to our Administration Department and we’re genuinely grateful to have Diana on board, taking the reins of our Administration department. 

Join us in celebrating Diana, our Employee of the Quarter, and let’s look forward to an even brighter future with her by our side.