Its been well publicised that you have more luck finding a needle in a haystack than you do employees at the moment.

Two industries that are particularly struggling to fill roles are Hospitality and Fitness.

With such a small team at Tattersalls, this is felt all the more strongly.

Over the last few months Tattersalls, like everywhere, has its up and downs, but with chaos comes opportunity and two of our staff members have taken every obstacle head-on and helped create and maintain the oasis that is our Club.

Firstly Jasmine Cabrera, who over the last few months has been working overtime with Member programs, and Athletic administration duties, as well as covering a wide variety of classes.

Starting most days at 05:30, it’s not uncommon to see Jasmine in the Athletic Department well into the evening pushing Members with their personal training or leading classes both in-person and on Zoom. Jasmine has stepped up with every opportunity and has helped the AD to still be Sydney’s premier Athletic facility.

Our second Employee of the Quarter (that’s how great our team is that we can have more than one winner) is Head Chef, Kitchen legend and General of the Food and Beverage service, Chef Fernando Casanova.

Fernando over the last few months has provided Members and Guests with incredible meals, trained and upskilled multiple chefs in the kitchen, led the offerings for functions, and worked around the clock to maintain the five-star food service that Members are accustomed to.

Like Jasmine, Fernando has taken every obstacle in his stride and continues to push those around him to rise to his level of standards and excellence.

We as a Tattersalls Team are lucky to have Jasmine and Fernando working with us and we are pleased to announce them as our Employees of the Quarter!

If you have any feedback regarding Jasmine or Fernando, or any member of our Team, please contact