Tuesday 25 July at 07:15

Engage with the finest business minds in the Club. Last month’s discussion was praised as the pinnacle of Business Forum conversations. The insights and perspectives shared by members from various industries and personal experiences are invaluable for anyone interested in the business world.

We’ve been fortunate to welcome new members recently, adding even more depth to the conversation. The Business Forum has a remarkable ability to unveil the inner workings of our economy months before the more well-informed media catches on. If you’ve ever wondered about joining, now is the perfect time to do so and treat your intellect.

Each month, the discussion highlights a few sectors, but the conversation will naturally expand wherever it needs to. From the ever-moving energy industry to the emerging paradigms in education, the dynamic trends of fashion, and the primal essence of food, the Business Forum will once again delve deep into topics of interest to uncover all the relevant insights.


7:15 Welcome Coffee
7:30 Sharp start
8:55 Hard finish

To join the next Business Forum breakfast please contact Camille at events@tattersallsclub.org.