We all know and love the convenience of the swimmer and towel system in the Athletic Department, but another feature you may not be aware of is the benefit of our locker and laundry system.

On level 2M, the Athletic Department provides locker rentals for members to store their gym equipment and personal belongings, along with generous space for shoe storage. The annual fee for locker rental is $100 AUD.

One of the added benefits of the locker system is the laundry service. Once you have completed your workout, you simply place your washbag in the designated areas of the changeroom.

The bags are then washed and dried on-site and returned to your locker, meaning the next time you are in the Athletic Department they will be ready to go!

We have a limited number of lockers in supply, so please let us know if you would like to secure one and the team in the Athletic Department will arrange it for you.