Sorry if that comes across a little strong, but that is how passionate and sure the team in the Athletic Department are about the benefits and wonders of Pilates!

What started out as a rehab-based exercise in the 1940s has transformed into one of the key pillars of training.

Pilates is a full-body workout designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental agility. With everyone still working from home or at our desks for longer periods of time our bodies are crying out for alignment and enhanced core strength.

The Athletic Department offers two types of Pilates in our timetable, 07:00 Monday and Friday mornings and 18:00 Tuesday evenings are our traditional Mat Pilates which uses a range of dynamic exercises to focus on your stabilising and inner core muscles.

12:30 Thursday lunch is our more advanced Athletic Pilates which involves the use of props and focuses on elevating the heart rate while maintaining the fundamentals of Pilates (and pushing you that little bit harder).

These classes are for everyone and we encourage you all to attend to try Pilates out for yourself.

For more information about Pilates, contact the Athletic Department on 9263 9213 or