It is with a heavy heart we advise Members of the sudden passing of Alan Brown AM. The Club’s thoughts are with wife Belinda and daughters Alex and Camilla.

The swimmers will have a moment of reflection after this Friday’s swim for breakfast. Everyone is welcome.

An active Member of 47 years Alan has served the Club in many ways, on our Committee, in the pool, and much in between.

The funeral for Alan will be next Friday 11th March at 11am, at St Marks Darling Point, followed by wake at Randwick Racecourse 1pm.

For reflection and in memory of our dear friend, a poem written by the Club’s Chairman, when they celebrated Alan’s 70th birthday.

Most mornings of the week
as normal people sleep
When the sun gently filters over Hyde Park
Tattersalls club doors
welcome Alan Brown in
To exercise and train like a young lark

To those who’ve seen him
Churning up and down
Doing endless laps just for fun
he often spends time
practising his tumble turns
cause missing the wall has brought him undone

His routine is extremely
regimented and precise
I think he taught the SAS all they know
there are some young smarties
who’ve taken him on
but without raising a sweat – past them he’d blow

Months ago
there was a challenge
it wanted to see who was the best
Damian instructed
that a straight arm bridge be done
he figured it would be a really good test

One morning after Brownie
had finished his workout
He just told Damian “I’ll give it a go”
Most of us lost interest
as Brownie’s bridge just kept on
The eventual time on the wall was quite a show

Well the youngsters tried
to beat his time
But when they were in sight of the mark they failed
It seemed no one could get near
this extraordinary 70 year old
They were spent and they sulked off and wailed

Alan’s a legend
in the two Tatts relay
he’s the only one who has swum every race
He starts off the night
swimming with the 30 year olds
And finishes in the over sixties setting the pace

The only blemish
anyone can remember
Was the night that big Tatts were well ahead
Alan took off
before his mate touched the wall
Turning victory into a loss, instead

Spare a thought
for the masters 70 year olds
Cause there’s a young whipper snipper coming for gold
His dedication
and single mindedness are such
That betting against him would certainly be bold

Alan, there are not many
of your friends here tonight
Who actually believe how old you say
Your energy, passion
and dedication are such
You can turn anything to success any day

The next year or so
you have an opportunity
To whip those old seventy-year-olds in every race
I’m sure that having watched
you train every day
There aren’t many of them who’ll be able to keep pace

Best wishes
on this your birthday
Congratulations on your seventieth year
Good luck
with your swimming, golfing and all
Keep whipping those youngsters with no fear