In what has been a raging success to the start of the year, our February AD Member of the Month has surpassed all expectations before we even finish Summer.

February’s nomination has well and truly earned his place in the running for Sportsperson of the Year.

We are talking about the Tattersalls super-fish himself – Mr John De Mestre. Starting his epic quest on the first Sunday of this month, John finished the Cole Classic in 2nd place of 480 competitors and 2nd overall in the Elite category for the 5km Ocean Swim.

This result itself is incredible, but it is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to results for John.

Early last week John went to Doha to compete in the World Masters championships, competing in the open water 3km event.

This event is one of the most competitive events in the masters swimming world with people travelling from all over the globe to compete, with nearly 300 people nominating for this race alone.

Last year, John placed second in this event, touched out by a fingernail.

This year, his story was complete.

Swimming an incredible time of 38mins John touched the wall in first place claiming Gold in his category, swimming past all other competitors in this event.

We have all seen how dedicated and switched-on John is with his training – so these results come as a shock to none.

We are excited as a club to see what’s installed for the remainder of the year for John and his swimming events.

Congratulations John, you are now in the running for Sports Person of the Year 2024.