We all held each other accountable as we added our yellow poster note to the wall in the Athletic Department.

Some of us wanted to raise millions for charity, some wanted to conquer Everest, and for some simply coming to the gym more than once a week was enough.

The vibe created from this makeshift noticeboard was incredible, members would regularly stop and check in on others’ progress, feats were celebrated and inspired by the recent turnout for the push for better challenge and some incredible feats inside and outside these walls, the Athletic Department team are once again asking you, our valued members, to come forward and help us create a haven of inspiration for all those who enter the Athletic Department.

The team go by the motto “Dream it, Write it, Do it” and as such will be starting the goal addition from Friday morning onwards.

Like last year, we want to involve as many members as possible so please start thinking about your goal and when you’d like to achieve it and add it to the wall.
Remember no goal is too big or too small; if it inspires you and excites you, then we want to hear about it!

For more information on goal setting and accountability work-ons please email our Athletic Department Supervisor Malcolm at athleticmgr@tattersallsclub.org who can provide some excellent ideas and tips.