If like us you are partial to a drink on a Friday afternoon, then you might want to pay attention to this month’s WOM.

Based purely on calories out, this workout will help you decide if that drink is worth it – or if maybe Feb Fast is the right way for you to go?

Exercise 1 is you vs the treadmill – hit start and see how long it takes you to burn off 1 schooner of beer which is 136 calories.

After your beer, you have switched to a glass of red – for this challenge hop on the spin bike and see how long it takes you to burn 121 calories.

Finally, after dinner, you treat yourself to a nice whisky, for this head upstairs to studio 1858 and see how long it takes you to burn 75 calories on the assault bike.

Although we’d never say don’t drink, we hope that seeing how much effort needs to go in to burn off one drink, you might reconsider and choose the tonic water option (at least for February anyway).

As always, the team in the AD are here to help you with any exercises and timing of the WOM.