By F&B’s Esmond Kwan

Movie buffs argue endlessly over the greatest films; foodies will draw knives & forks at dawn to debate the world’s finest restaurants; music lovers will dispute who is the greatest band of all time (it’s Fleetwood Mac), and as for sports – all I’m saying is the All Blacks. Sparkling wine lovers are no different.

Australia has made many brilliant sparkling wines over its history. While being fully cognisant that absolutely no one will agree, Tattersalls Club has listed one of Australia’s most legendary sparkling wines – the 2013 Grand Vintage Arras. Australia makes fantastic fizz, especially Tasmania, and no one does it better than Ed Carr at House of Arras.

House of Arras is Australia’s most awarded sparkling wine brand winning 100 trophies and 268 gold medals to date, the latest being awarded 96 points. And Ed Carr is Australia’s most awarded sparkling winemaker with 44 years of experience in the Australian wine industry – 35 of these involved with sparkling wine production. He has long held the belief that Tasmania can, and should, produce exceptional sparkling wines equal to the world’s best.

The 2013 Grand Vintage accentuates the delicacy and balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the pristine cold climate vineyards of Tasmania, with flavors of malted barley and natural acids – pair this with our featured dish of the week- freshly flavored oysters, and you’ll get a divine set up.

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