Last Thursday saw the culmination of months’ worth of training and planning by the Athletic Department Team with the first-ever Fitmas Challenge.

The endurance-based challenge took participants out of their comfort zones, pushing many to their limits and some beyond.

With over 50 participants taking part, the challenge itself was a resounding success.

The challenge was simple: go as far as you can in 30 minutes (with 5-minute intervals between each set) broken down into 10 minutes on the Rower, 10 minutes on the Spin bike and finally 10 minutes in the pool.

With the first group setting off at 6am, the Athletic Department was buzzing all morning. In the first heat the crowd gathered to see how the participants were pacing themselves and if any tactics were in play.

It was soon clear that no matter what the plan was, once the starter gun went it was everyone for themselves and all tactics were out the window.

Throughout the morning and the lunchtime session, different plans seemed to work and fail at the same time, with one notable participant letting his feelings known to the AD Team (in words that we couldn’t reprint) just how much fun they were having.

This event was a great way to finish the year and highlighted once again how great the Tattersalls Athletic Community inside the Athletic Department is.

A Special mention to Ramy from the AD team who noted nearly every participant’s score, time kept, ran water, and made sure the whole event ran smoothly.

We look forward to running this event again soon- keep your eye out for this and other events taking place in the Athletic Department in 2024.