By Events Coordinator Nora van der Roest

With the drop in temperature, our bodies need to work harder to keep themselves warm which is why most people feel an increased hunger.

Heavy, carb-laden dishes, creamy sauces and sugary treats all look very tempting during the cold winter months. Staying healthy and feeding all those cravings can be quite challenging but Tattersalls has the perfect dish for this feeling.

The Nourish Bowl is filled with different flavours and textures which make it the perfect healthy winter dish.

In the middle of your plate, you will find well-seasoned black and brown rice surrounded by brightly-coloured vegetables. Roasted orange pumpkin, bright red tomatoes, sour green pickles, tasty hummus and delicious falafel will finish the dish.

Add some grilled chicken or cured salmon and I promise you will feel fulfilled, and all the different structures and flavours will feel like an explosion in your mouth.

Pair it with a nice glass of Margan Rose & Bramble rosé and you will have a perfect meal.

This dish is available on the Bar Menu, contact the team at to reserve a table.