As personality of the month May 1974, the author wrote “George Molnar was born on Anzac Day 1910.”

Fourteen years after Seymour’s ‘The one day of the year’ the reverence towards the ANZAC story was still strong. George’s story is one of the great immigration successes of our nation and starts with a healthy dose of luck. Leaving Budapest to arrive in Sydney at the commencement of World War II he escaped the disastrous consequences of war.

An architect by trade, George became a well-known cartoonist for the Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald. The London Times wrote, “He has added to the Australian achievement in this field an outlook that is fresh, sophisticated and refined in consent and aesthetic in form”.

The article goes on to say ‘a meeting of George’s friends is a mixed bag with an element of oddity or zaniness, flaunted, half-hidden or deeply secret.’ An interesting man indeed!

In 2020, the Club received a call from the family of the legendary Sam Block who had presided over the Club’s swimming races for decades. They had an image they wanted to donate to the Club. So integral was his contribution, a keen swimmer himself, George had created a cartoon of the Club’s Pool all centred around Sam (take a peek in the top left).

Look closely and the old ‘V’ has been immortalised. Not the V for Victory, but he V which was the affectionate name for the loincloth which was the ‘fashion’ for many years at Tattersalls!

This story and many more are made possible by Member Mal Booth who has digitised the entire Club magazine collection.

This extraordinary effort can be searched here.