Starting on Wednesday 17 April at 12:30

We have a new class added to our Class timetable starting on Wednesday 17, and invite all our Athletic members to join us for our 45-minute Dynamic Stretch class to improve flexibility, mobility, and overall movement. We will focus on targeted mobility exercises and functional movements. Suitable for all levels, learn to release tension, increase elasticity, and move with ease; enhance your performance and prevent injuries.

Functional warm-up and mobility exercises are important because they prepare the body for movement, increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, improve performance, and enhance overall physical function.

The key benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

Improved Movement Quality: Functional warm-up exercises and mobility drills help to address movement restrictions and imbalances, enhancing overall movement quality. This can lead to smoother, more efficient movement patterns during physical activities, reducing the risk of compensatory movements and injury.

Enhanced Joint Health and Function: Mobility exercises target specific joints, improving their range of motion and lubrication. This promotes joint health and resilience, reducing the risk of joint-related injuries and discomfort. Additionally, increased joint mobility can optimise movement mechanics and performance in various activities.

Prevention of Muscular Imbalances: Functional warm-up exercises and mobility drills target both primary and stabilising muscles, helping to prevent muscular imbalances. By promoting balanced muscle development and activation, these exercises contribute to better posture, movement symmetry, and injury prevention.

Optimised Performance: Incorporating functional warm-up and mobility exercises into your routine primes the body for physical activity, enhancing performance potential. Improved joint mobility, muscle activation, and movement quality translate to better agility, power output, and overall athletic performance in sports and fitness activities.

Injury Risk Reduction: By preparing the body for the demands of exercise or sports, functional warm-up and mobility exercises reduce the risk of injury. They help to increase tissue elasticity, promote proper movement patterns, and identify and address potential areas of weakness or tightness, thereby minimising the likelihood of strains, sprains, and other injuries.

We are pleased to offer this class to our members and look forward to seeing you in the Athletic Department soon.