Always being ahead of the game is what the team in the Athletic Department prides itself on.

The Team is constantly striving for improvement to help enhance our Membership experience, one area in particular is our Athletic programming and class offerings.

Over the last month, the Team has slowly implemented changes to the classes, and we are now pleased to launch the new and revamped timetable starting officially this Monday.

The Tuesday Body Weight Blitz class has now been replaced by HIIT a 45-minute workout involving cardio, weights, and core exercises and led by Trainer Jasmine.

Tuesday lunchtime class is now called ‘Focus’ which involves a rotation weekly between Sprints, Aerobic and Strength-based exercises led by Trainer Malcolm.

Thursday morning Body Weight Blitz has now been changed to ‘Weights Circuit’ a high-energy high-intensity class involving different weight training techniques and high-speed movements, led by Trainer Artie.

As each class is preprogrammed and structured we kindly remind you that entry to the class will be denied 10 minutes after the allocated start time.

We are constantly updating and changing the timetable and always try to accommodate requests where possible and we thank you for your ongoing participation in the classes.

If you have any questions regarding the new classes or timetable please reach out to the Athletic Department Team via