By Athletic Department Manager Malcolm Turnbull

Get to know the faces behind the Desk, the bar, and the phone.

There is no doubt we have the best team in the world at the club, so let’s dive deep into the club and learn some more about our staff.

Name and position: Malcolm, and I manage the Athletic Department.

How long have you been here: 4 years in October – times flies when you’re living the dream.

The best thing about Tattersalls Club: This might be Cliché- but it has to be the team I work with, everyone gets on so well and supports each other when needed, this is club-wide not just the AD.

Being able to jump in the pool at the end of the shift is also amazing, but it has to be the team that is the best.

How do you relax outside of the club: I am a massive reader, I switch between autobiographies, Personal development books, and then fiction books- seriously cannot get enough of David Sedaris’s work.

I also love watching AFL, nothing like cheering, laughing, and then crying all within the space of two hours (the joy of being a Carlton fan).

What’s your go-to fitness mantra: For a long time I tried to be the hardest worker in the room and I would push myself pretty hard, now it’s all about balance and longevity.

Without a doubt, the greatest thing I have done for my body is start Pilates. I do three sessions a week and I haven’t felt better, I only wished I started it sooner.

So I guess my Mantra is: Shoulders down, back and core switched on with strong legs.

Healthy snack: Strong chance you’ll see me snacking on two hardboiled eggs and some strawberries for my snacks, otherwise I use the On Nutrition Protein powder we have available at the club for a quick delicious protein shake.

What influence are you having on the club this week: Firstly I’m going to work with the F&B team and add my two favorite salads to the Lane 5 menu for October. Members will get to try my favorite salads I make when at home- simple, healthy, and amazingly tasty.

Secondly: I’m bringing back the famous Tattersalls Duffel bag – a super durable fashionable bag that will stand the test of time, this bag pays homage to our heritage style with the modern-day accessories that we all need!

To enquire about our new Duffle bag merchandise or book a one-on-one PT session with Malcolm, please contact the AD team at