Monday 23 October – WGR XXIII

The atmosphere in the Athletic Department in the last week of November 2022 was electric and anticipation high as over 45 members gathered to take on the World’s Greatest Relay.

After the success of our New York and Firenze marathon relocation runs, five disciplines were introduced to expand and enable greater participation. The World’s Greatest Relay was born.

The Club is pleased to announce that WGR XXIII will commence on Monday 23 October.

To encourage, motivate, and inspire, a 6-week fitness plan has been designed to prepare you for greatness.

Commencing Monday 11 September and including a weigh-in (both weight and body fat% for those who are interested) a detailed training plan, tips and advice from the team, a personalised weights plan and finally a crucially important checklist to help ensure you are at your best performance.

Save the date and sign up now to the Athletic Department at