18:00 Wednesday 19 October 2022

We welcome two successful multigenerational businesses to go below the surface of Grapes vs Grains to celebrate and understand what makes a great family business.

Tattersalls’ talented Head Chef Fernando has crafted a menu to challenge our producers, whilst inspired by the Cellar Door Patricia’s table in Millawa it will be an even contest, matching beers versatility with wines sophistication. After each course and tasting, we will ask our Members and the Guests to vote on which grape or grain they prefer, and at the conclusion of the evening, the ultimate winner will be crowned.

Coopers Family

When Thomas Cooper used an old family recipe to brew his first batch of ale back in 1862, it would be fair to describe him as a novice craft brewer. Apparently, he’d only intended it to be a tonic for his sick wife, but the resulting ale was so flavoursome that friends and neighbours soon came to appreciate it for more than just its ‘restorative’ properties. As demand for his naturally conditioned ales grew throughout the fledgling colony of South Australia, Thomas Cooper’s growing passion for brewing soon became his profession.

Before Thomas passed away, he handed over the reins of the brewery to four of his sons, and so began a proud family tradition that has continued in an unbroken chain of six generations, for 160 years. While they’re still using Thomas Cooper’s original recipe, successive generations of Coopers have made improvements along the way.

We will be joined by sixth-generation family member Andrew Cooper

Brown Family Wines

Brown family wines is one of Australia’s leading family-owned wine companies with experience in crafting wine since 1889. With four generations of family involvement, the brown family remains proud of their local Milawa heritage. While heritage is at the heart of the brand, we are far from a traditional wine company.

An affinity for innovation and experimentation has driven their direction, establishing a reputation as a winery that challenges the status quo by developing new grape varieties and partnering with the CSIRO to support ongoing viticulture research. A key member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW) the Brown Family has forged a reputation locally and abroad, as varietal wine specialists and winemaking innovators.

For more than a century Brown Family wines remain a family business; hand-crafting wine.

This will be a five-course degustation dinner with two matched beverages per course (one wine + one beer), as well as presentations from both the Cooper and Brown families. Tickets are available for purchase for only $110 per person or $200 for a pair.

All Members and their Guests are welcome, please RSVP to events@tattersallsclub.org.