18:00 Wednesday 19 October 2022

We welcome two successful multigenerational business families, the Coopers Family and the Brown Familyto go below the surface of their celebrated creations and understand what makes a great family business.

Tattersalls’ talented Head Chef Fernando has crafted a menu to challenge our producers and, while inspired by Brown Family Wines’ exclusive Patricia label, it will be an even contest, matching beer’s versatility with wine’s sophistication.

After each course and tasting, we will ask our Members and the Guests to vote on their preference for the grape or for the grain and, at the conclusion of the evening, the ultimate winner will be crowned.

This will be a five-course degustation dinner with two matched beverages per course (one wine + one beer), and presentations from both the Cooper and Brown families. We will also be joined by Catherine Brown from the Brown family and sixth-generation family member Andrew Cooper from the Coopers family.

Your five-course degustation will include:

Course one: oysters with apple & kafir lime
Paired with: Brown Brothers Patricia Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Brut; Coopers Dry Pilsner

Course two: kataifi king prawns, avocado, lime and chipotle emulsion
Paired with: Brown Brothers Patricia Chardonnay; Coopers Pacific Pale Ale

Course three: Southern Ranges eye fillet, Jerusalem artichoke & burnt onion
Paired with: Brown Brothers Patricia Shiraz; Coopers Sparkling Ale

Course four: Blue Cheese, Cheddar & Brie
Paired with: Brown Brothers Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon; Coopers Vintage Ale

Course five: Lemon curd tart with fresh meringue
Paired with: Brown Brothers Patricia Noble Reisling; Coopers Best Extra Stout

Tickets are available for purchase for only $110 per person or $200 for a pair.

All Members and their Guests are welcome, please RSVP to events@tattersallsclub.org.