This year’s race was the tightest affair so far.

Counting went down to the last class and dare we say an ill-timed getaway cost our second place participant the win.

The Hanrahan Glover Cup is one of the most sought after awards inside the Club. It is awarded to the member who participates in the most group classes and extra activities that are hosted exclusively in the Athletic Department.

Over the last few years we have adapted and changed the way the scoring works, this includes external participation (for those who zoom from home) and counting activities such as Ice baths and participating in sub-clubs.

With that, we are pleased to announce this year’s winner is Sophie Chevell!

Sophie hit the ground running in the first week attending 5 group classes, from there Sophie has averaged a minimum of 4 group classes a week (although we still haven’t managed to get her in the ice bath yet!).

Sophie regularly participates in our morning classes and is the catalyst and inspiration to get her husband through the door most mornings.

This award recognises all the work that Sophie has put in, not just this month, but for the whole year.

Well done Sophie on the amazing result.