By Athletic Department manager, Malcolm Turnbull

Pre Covid the average lifespan of a fitness professional was nine months. Since restrictions have been lifted the new average is six months. It is an industry that is fairly unforgiving.

That’s why when we reach a milestone like this we celebrate. The Club and particularly the AD want to wish Personal Trainer and guest services member Chris Grob a happy five year anniversary.

Over the past five years we have seen Chris grow and go from strength to strength, what started off as a shy student doing his work experience, he has blossomed into a trainer leading weight lifting seminars and teaching the team correct techniques and cueing form.

Chris has recently returned from a month-long trip around Australia and is back to his best, taking PT sessions and working on a new and exciting technological adventure for all our AD Members.

If you see Chris in the AD make sure you congratulate him on a fantastic five years!