The great mystery of the missing keys, shorts, and swimmers.

After replenishing our stocks and supplies the team in the AD was sure that we had enough swimmers and shorts and keys for all members to enjoy.

A bountiful measure ensuring that every member had access to the items we offer on arrival. Although initially true, it seems that numbers have once again begun to dwindle.

We understand that sometimes members forget to return keys, or accidentally wear the swimmers home and we get that our shorts are extremely comfortable and durable and great to work out in.

We also get that maybe you might feel a little sheepish about having key number 100 in your key bowl, or that you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror wearing our branded swimmers and thought that you should bring them back in.

Whatever the reason, we promise not to judge, we just look forward to welcoming the return of the items and having more swimmers, more locker keys and shorts available for all our members when they enter the Athletic Department.