Tattersalls Club began as an association of small businesses that could stand under the Tattersalls Club umbrella and trust each other through the timeless code of Honor et Amicitia – Honour and Friendship.

We have been revising our Club business listing so that all Members are able to find other Members to support their various needs – ranging from personal through to enterprise and government.

With twenty Members already featured, with skills as diverse as law, finance to entertainment and marketing, this business listing is set to become your go-to to find the service you require within the Club’s walls.

The business listing will be available to all Members in the members area of our new website, which is due to launch very soon.

To be included in the Tattersalls business listing, please complete your answers to the following:

Business category/industry
Business name
Your position/role/title
Who is your ideal client/who do you tend to help most/what problems do you (your firm) solve (75 words maximum)

Please confirm that you are happy for us to distribute the above information freely.

Please email to membership@tattersallsclub.org.