Written by Lester Fernandez – Running Club Captain

This past Sunday, a dedicated gathering of Club members took on the challenge of the City2Surf race. While their numbers were a small fraction of the nearly 80,000 participants, the quality of their performance far outweighed the quantity. Many achieved their Personal Bests and Goals, showcasing their commitment.

Various members had distinct objectives – some aimed for specific times, others aimed to cover certain distances without breaks, and for some, merely completing the race was the ultimate achievement. The City2Surf race marks the beginning of the running season. Numerous runners either continue their journey with the September Blackmores running festival or set their sights on the World’s Greatest Relay.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. Special thanks to Damo for crafting a tailored training regimen that prepared us effectively. Tattersalls Run Club welcomes members of all skill levels who share an enthusiasm for running and a desire to have a wonderful time with colleagues. We convene for runs from the Athletic Department every Wednesday at 12:30.

Moreover, our members actively partake in weekly Park Runs across Sydney and engage in various events, including the upcoming 2024 New York Marathon. If you’re contemplating starting your training, now is the perfect moment. We eagerly anticipate your presence in the Running Sub Club in the near future.

If you feel you need personalised support to keep a high level of training, book a PT session with us by emailing athleticmgr@tattersallsclub.org