Heather McKay is Australia’s most awarded Squash player in the history of the game. Our coveted crossed racquets pay respect to her incredible achievements.

Our world champion coach, Michelle Martin, has been training our squad ruthlessly as one unit. We have a committed team on board ready to wear the Tattersalls colours as this is the last in-house tournament prior to the annual City Houses competition.

Last year’s event suffered a major shock when the #1 seed (George Deubler) was beaten by that young colt Nigel Robinson in the final. George Deubler was heard to say: “That’s the last time I lose to that @#$%@- he doesn’t even know what a squash racket looks like, I’m checking the handicaps here and now – he’ll never win again”. Robinson was heard to say, “it’s amazing what those Russian hackers can do to the SportyHQ ranking handicap“.

The Shield is a round robin competition with all levels of squash players competing against each other to determine who will reach the semi-finalist of this event. Matches are first player to 60 points (with handicap)

The round robin will commence the week of April 17 – make sure you check out the squash court, see which players adjusted their ranking for that shot of glory and as always.