For March, our fridges will be stacked full of the wonderful wares of the Young Henrys brewery in Newtown.

From the session satisfying Stayer Mid to the B-Side 7% Double IPA we have something for every taste.

With the maxim to ‘serve the people’, the first Young Henrys beers were brewed in March 2012. The idea was pretty simple: brew beer the local community would enjoy and be proud to call their own. As much as they’ve grown, that’s remained fundamentally the same. Only these days ‘the community’ goes far beyond the geographical, and has evolved to include like-minded folk throughout Australia, united by the values held dear – music, art, culture and community.

From the founders: “We brew beer to suit the modern Australian palate and climate. Our core range is made up of well-balanced, easy-drinking beers. Free from bells and whistles, these stalwarts best showcase Australian hops and malts wherever possible.”

For a limited time only, ask at the Members’ Bar for…

Stayer Mid
Natural Lager
Motorcycle Oil Hoppy Porter
B.R.E.A.M Double IPA
Cloudy Cider

Save the date: The Business of Beer with co-owner Dan Hampton, Thursday 22nd April from 18:00…more details coming soon!