We were fortunate to receive a special invitation from Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of New South Wales, to the Music as a Superfood presentation which aired recently.

Writer/broadcaster/performing artist/psychologist Greta J. Bradman talked about how music can help us live longer, sleep better, calm down, find flow and feel happier, and the science behind it. If you missed it, the video is available to watch here Music as a Superfood, and we highly recommend it.

Her Excellency also extended the invitation to view another Ideas@thehouse presentation:

Ten: the Mapping of Colonial Australia – Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy AM FRSN, The University of Newcastle  Ideas@theHouse: 21 May 2020 “Ten: the Mapping of Colonial Australia”

Maps are documents of history: they tell a story of place in context. The printed map has been available for 500 years—a remarkable coincidence with the story of Terra Australis, the mapping of Australia, and of the transition from mythology to empiricism as Western science took centre stage. The human history of New South Wales pre-dates all this by at least 60,000 years, engraved in rock, and embedded in a social history looking at the stars.

The intent of this talk is to highlight a very small part of the cartographic story, namely that of the colonial period from 1788 to 1901. The story will be told through a cartographic record of change events, covering a century where a “gaol of 1000 souls would become an independent nation with the highest standard of living in the world”, and told in the context of the colonial governors of the day — ten from the date of colonisation in 1788 through to responsible government in 1855, and ten from 1855 up to Australian Federation in 1901.

We hope you enjoy!