If consistency is key, then call this lady the locksmith!

Since joining Tattersalls our Atheltic Department Member of the Month Jane Phelan has been nothing short of amazing.

Starting under the guidance of trainer Jasmine, Jane has hit the ground running and has taken on every challenge and activity thrown in her direction.

From conquering Deadlifts and Push-ups to being cooler than most in the ice baths, Janes’s attitude and application to getting in and getting it done have been unstoppable.

One of the key factors in being awarded Member of the Month is consistency, and Jane is elite when it comes to this.

Jane attends the AD 5 times a week, undertaking a mixture of resistance training and group classes focusing on her physical and mental wellbeing.

Jane was one of the founding members of our Tattersalls equipment education program and a starting member of our wellness weekends.

Last month as part of the Tattersalls community, Jane took on the “Push for better” challenge, completing the 1625 pushups over 23 days and raising an incredible 770 dollars for our charity partners.

We are proud to announce Jane as our June AD MOTM for all the reasons above and more.