Every Wednesday from 12:30 at 13:15

Warrior Flow class is part of a classical yogic practice called Angamardana, which comes from a system of yoga which is almost completely lost today. Traditionally in classical yoga, Angamardana was always alive. It is a very impactful and dynamic exercise where you don’t need any equipment. You are just using your body and building a completely different level of physical strength and tenacity.

In Warrior Flow Class, you use your own body weight and momentum to increase the flexibility and strength of the muscle and ligaments over time. All you need is a six-by-six-foot space and your body; so you can do it wherever you are. It is as effective in building the body as any weight training is, and it does not create any unnecessary stress on the system.

However strengthening the muscles and reducing fat are just fringe benefits. Angamardana’s aim is to build the energy system to a certain level, and integrity, of energy.

It is best to commit to at least 4 consecutive sessions to learn the sequence effectively. And always come on an empty stomach. So please avoid eating or drinking at least 2 and a half hours before the class. Water is ok anytime.

See you there.