This week calls for all things lush, bubbly, tangy and bright, and our roast chicken breast with peas, baby onion, baby gem and jus gras hits the spot perfectly.

With today’s seemingly endless supply of practical chicken recipes, it can be easy to forget that, once upon a time, chicken was considered a delicacy.

Chef Fernando grew up eating chicken as a staple. His mum would serve a different chicken dish each week, to the point that he was eventually struck by the opulence attached to the bird. It starred in dozens of recipes that he has learned to perfect since he started chefing at 18 years old.

All those recipes gave Fernando exactly the inspiration he needed to tweak this roast chicken dish so it was fit for the Tattersalls Members’ Dining Room.

Common kitchen wisdom dictates adding a splash from a bottle of wine you were planning to drink for dinner, but Fernando has taken the time to layer this up with thyme, rosemary and bay leaves to turn it into a luscious gras packed with garlicky redolence.

The end result is a generous 200-gram masterpiece that is inisitally pan-fried before finishing in the oven, baked carefully by Fernando to ensure the meat comes out juicy and beautifully seasoned, perfect with a glass of chardonnay!

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