Tuesday 05 December at 07:15 – ANNUAL REVIEW & 2024 PREDICTIONS 

Business Forum is your early warning radar when it comes to the big shifts in the business world.

12 months ago, the group discussed its 2023 predictions.  While some were wrong or overtaken by economic events, many were 100% spot-on, even though they were contrarian at the time.

Don’t miss the last Business Forum of the year!

The group will revisit its predictions and see what we can learn.  And we’ll award TIP OF THE YEAR 2023 for the best advance projection that turned out correct.

Which 2023 tip will win?

Could it be:

– Desktop AI exploding
– Coal generation extending
– Unemployment falling
– Aussie Dollar slumping
– Interest rates rising
– Prices rising
– Hybrid productivity falling
– Insolvencies increasing

Or any one of many other accurate tips shared under the Chatham House rule.

Come along for breakfast and find out!


07:15: Welcome Coffee
07:30: Sharp start
08:45: Hard finish – ready for your work day.