Are you looking for a simple but effective workout to start the year off right?

Luckily our January AD Workout of the Month is here!

The workout will take 10 minutes in total- and the best part is you are only actually working out for 5 of those 10 minutes!

Simple but effective: all you need is a stopwatch and some lung power to get you over the line.

The workout starts with 1 minute on the rower (going as far as you can go), then you rest for 1 minute.

Then you complete as many push-ups as possible for 1 minute (this can be done on hands and toes or hands and knees), and again rest for 1 minute.

Squats are next, aiming to get as many reps as possible in 1 minute (knee and hip need to form one line- no half squats in the year 2024).

After resting for 1 minute, you then complete as many bicycle crunches as possible (opposite to elbow opposite knee – please count each twist as one).

To finish- after resting for 1 minute, complete as many burpees as you can in 1 minute.

Once you have completed all your reps, record your total score (by adding all your reps and rower metres together) and write it up on the mirror in the Athletic Department.

Please let the AD team know if you need any assistance or exercise variations for this workout.