John Hughes, the winemaker of the renown Rieslingfreak, has crafted the Dead Man Walking Riesling in response to the huge success in 2017 when he walked away with 5 trophies for his love of this grape and its enormous diversity of styles. 

Riesling has an unfair reputation as an overly sweet wine. It carries a lot of baggage, some have long, unwieldy names; the fact that even the variety is easy to mispronounce. Also, it has the perception that it’s generally German & sweet (neither of which is true). No wonder many Members have given up and drink chardonnay instead.

But of course Riesling is no longer confined to this central European area. South Australia’s Clare Valley has the right climate to make brilliant Riesling, with its own distinctive new world forwardness sufficiently restrained, this is not like your average over-oaked chardonnay.

The Dead Man Walking has aromas of red apples and lemon with floral top-notes of elderflower. The palate is softly textural with refreshing acidity and flavours of nectarine, a wine of immediate appeal and absolute approachability in the dry Riesling spectrum.

This Riesling will pair greatly with our featured dish this weekthe famous Salmon salad with our special ingredient Radicchio. The style of this wine will complement our salad to mirror the acidity of the salad dressing, with the sprightly, citrus notes at the outset developing into something more savoury and complex.

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