Breakfast- sorted, your healthy protein-filled lunch- sorted, a sweet but healthy afternoon snack- sorted.

The team in the AD along with the food and beverage team pride ourselves on making the lives of our Members easier. This idea was at the forefront of our minds when designing Lane 5. With carefully planned meals to meet all your daily needs.

For breakfast we offer overnight oats rich in flavor with shaved coconut to the top, this meal will set your whole day up.

For your protein needs, we offer a 30gram Protein shot which can be easily mixed with water on the pool deck, a quick and valuable solution for your post weights workout.

For those who come in a little later, we have our range of salads with taste and health paramount. Each salad contains a minimum of three vegetables, a Low Gi based carbohydrate, and a healthy servicing of lean protein, designed to keep you fuller for longer and stave off hunger cravings.

Finally, our house-made hummus gets paired with celery and carrot sticks, a snack high in good fats and low in carbohydrates keeping you satisfied and not reaching for the chocolate.

All of the above can be paired with our exclusive range of Allies juices offered purely in the lane 5 café.

Your purchases from the Lane 5 would be added to your account directly to enable a hassle-free grab-and-go.

For more information regarding our Lane 5 offerings please reach out to the team at