Thursday 04 May at 18:00

Knock on the bar and say, “It’s business time”. The team will take care of the rest.

True business folk are lifelong learners and recognise that lessons can come from all quarters, even an Italian polymath of the High Renaissance.

Can you learn in an echo chamber. No madam. The lessons learnt from others are cheaper, more considered and if translated appropriately to your own industry infinitely more valuable.

BOF Presents: Business of Sport: Travel Edition

All Members and guests welcome.

Networking, drinks, and Keynote

Please join us for your complimentary Chairman’s shout prior to a Keynote in the intimate Members’ Dining Room setting under the Chatham House rule.

COVID-19 impacted all businesses and all of us in many ways. No greater challenges were faced than those of Travel, hospitality & sport all shackled by pandemic restrictions.

Look forward but also return to the world when Major League Baseball came to Australia, gain insights to how that happened and what will it take to happen in a post COVID world.

What can we learn from businesses who at their core straddled all three industries? Come on Thursday the 4th to open your mind and learn from those that have survived the perfect storm.

You’ll learn:

– The lessons of survival and adaptation

– The economics of travel

– The traps and tricks of booking for major events

– The most enjoyable sports events and why they are not what you’d expect

– How to make your entire trip a tax deduction

– And what REALLY happens on tour (plus when does it stay on tour)

To RSVP please contact Camille at