More than 50 per cent of regular cyclists have taken up the activity within the past two years. As we look ahead in the Tattersalls world of cycling, we are looking for both new and experienced riders to join in some of the activities we are looking forward to this year.

Kicking off our first ride for the year will be our Orange weekend crew stretching their legs with a 30kms ride with a leisurely around the Airport loop on Friday afternoon. Then we will be hitting the road once again early on Saturday morning, viewing the kaleidoscope of colours Autumn brings us, over the countryside landscape of Orange on our 100km ride.

We are also looking forward to the other upcoming Cycling Sub Club events such as:

Quarterly rides – North/South/East/West – each hosted by a Member
Learn to ride in a peloton in Centennial Park
‘Bike Maintenance for beginners’ breakfast in the Club
Spring Cycle – 16th October

To register your interest in the Cycling sub club or the above events, please contact