Wednesday 24 April from 12:00 to 14:00 in the Dining Room

Only one week to go before our very special ‘lunch with the author’ event.

This lunch will combine our commemoration of ANZAC Day with the tales of Commodore Peter Scott, one of Australia’s highly decorated former submariners and author of Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life.

From conducting top-secret missions to making history commanding the farthest deployment in the history of the Australian submarine service, Commodore Peter Scott will depict what it takes to be a Submariner.

Over a decorated 34-year career, Commodore Scott served in 10 submarines, passed the most demanding military command course in the world and served as the Head of Profession of the Submarine Arm of the Royal Australian Navy. During that time his character was forged by the challenges of naval service, success and failure as a leader, catastrophic onboard disasters while dived, and life-threatening traumas. Along the way, he also endured personal battles with self-doubt, addiction, depression and anxiety.

He will share his quest for self-acceptance, and for the courage, commitment and compassion to lead the warriors of Australia’s Silent Service.

Tickets Price:
$95 per person, includes one book and a 2-course lunch with drinks
$180 for two people, includes one book (to share) and a 2-course lunch with drinks

If you have any enquiries or would like to attend, please contact or call 02 9263 9217 to RSVP. Only a few spots left!