We are pleased to announce the second change to our timetable: starting Wednesday 2nd March we will have an additional spin class on the timetable starting at 12:30.

Led by Malcolm the class will be a 45-minute hit out using all the amazing features the spin bikes offer. In this class, you will hill climb, handlebar sprint, and ride along to pre-choreographed workouts with music to match.

At the beginning of each month, we will conduct an FTP test to help establish your fitness levels which will in turn help us program out the rest of your class.

As this class is low impact it is perfect for anyone who wants to get their heart rate high without having to pound the pavement, or for anyone with lower-body ailments.

We encourage everyone to come along and try out the new spin class, with no previous spin history needed.

We can’t wait to see you in the AD soon.

Please click here to see our full timetable.
Bookings are encouraged via email which can be sent to addesk@tattersallsclub.org