What an incredible year it has been for Athletic department members! Let’s talk about this past month – it’s been nothing short of spectacular, with us witnessing numerous members surpassing expectations, both within the gym and beyond.

Unlike any other month, the number of potential candidates is out of this world. Unfortunately, some of our high achieving members will have to miss out this time, but I don’t think your hard work has gone unnoticed. April and May are around the corner; it is time to put in the hours in the Athletic Department and participate in the coming events; “Workout with the World” on 23 April and the “Workout of the Month: Sandhill simulator on Treadmill” from 1st April.

Our Athletic Department has individuals who embody the essence of excellence, pushing boundaries and inspiring others with their remarkable achievements. This month, we proudly celebrate the accomplishments of one such outstanding athlete whose dedication, talent, and perseverance have earned her the title of Athletic Department Member of the Month – Sophie “No Days Off” Chevell.

Sophie takes pride in her fitness. Every morning is sacrificed for a fitness activity. “A sleep-in?” that is not in Sophie’s vocabulary. She is consistently one of the first people in the AD, eager to put in a shift. An 08:00 wake-up time may be ideal for most; Sophie would’ve completed her weekly yoga and pilates session by then.

Sophie continuously goes the extra mile and attends one-on-one PT sessions, in addition to her own workouts and classes Whether it be early morning, noon, or evening, one thing for certain: passion flows through her veins.

On behalf of all members and staff, we congratulate Sophie and look forward to seeing her progress continue.

Sophie is now in the running for Sports Person of the Year 2024.