By Malcolm Turnbull, Athletic Department manager

Here is a news fact for you – March 2022 has been the wettest month in 80 years.

It’s been hard to exercise outdoors and even harder to stay dry. The normal tracks we run have become slippery and muddier than ever.

All the above is enough to cancel your running plans and enjoy the latest episode of MAFS and stay indoors. That is unless you are our March Athletic Department Member of the Month, Tanya Ma.

Not only did Tanya continue to build up the kilometres during March, but Tanya also went above her normal routine and completed the Sydney Manly Dam trail half marathon.

This course normally sits at an 8/10 for difficulty in trail running, so imagine adding torrential rain, wind gusts and mud thicker than coke bottle bottoms to the mix.

Tanya set out at breakneck speed and managed to complete the course in exactly three hours – which is not only a personal best for her, but an all-round amazing effort.

This time also placed Tanya seventh overall in her age category which again is another huge achievement considering the calibre of trail runners in this age group.

Tanya has now returned to gentle runs under 10kms and is a regular at our Wednesday lunchtime community run and has been an integral part of our two marathon relocations in the past.

We couldn’t think of anyone who deserves this month’s AD nomination more than you Tanya, well done!

Tanya is now in the running for Sports Person of the Year 2022.