Only three things are needed for this Workout of the Month:
1. The Assault bike
2. Your chest and arms for push-ups, and finally
3. Sheer will and determination

This month’s WOM is a timed one, and is designed to work you to the brink!

Ten minutes of all-out work is what we need from you.

The formula is simple: on the Assault bike burn 10 calories as quickly as possible, after this, hop off and complete 10 push-ups (be careful as the handles move), once the push-ups are completed get back on the bike and start all over again. The goal: complete as many rounds as possible in the 10 minutes. The more rounds you do the better.

The bikes are located upstairs in Studio 1858, make sure you record your reps completed and let the team in the AD know so we can record your score.

Good luck with this WOM – you’re going to need it!