Thursday 07 March from 18:00 to 21:00

Behind the scenes, we have been at work creating an interclub social engagement strategy with likeminded fellow Sydney Clubs. A novel concept that has been gaining popularity in the London Private Club Scene, we are now thrilled to announce that this exciting collaboration, starting between our club and the Royal Automobile Club of Australia (RACA) will kick off for our upcoming 10×10 Philanthropy event.

This collaboration adds an extra layer of significance to the event, as members of RACA will be joining us for the evening, demonstrating the power of partnership in driving positive change. We hope to welcome more Clubs to our network who will in turn, open their doors to our Members for even more meaningful events.

This special evening will serve as a celebration of International Women’s Day, highlighting the incredible work of three charities that have a profound impact on women’s lives.

The selected charities for this event are the Cova Project, Re-Love, and Consent Labs. Each of these organisations focuses on different aspects of women’s empowerment, ranging from providing education and opportunities to supporting survivors of domestic violence and promoting consent education.

Throughout the evening, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about each charity’s mission, enjoy delicious canapes and drinks courtesy of the Club, and mingle with friends- new and old.

Event Details:
Thursday 07 March
Time: 18:00-21:00
Location: Tattersalls Club Members Bar and Dining Room