We love to celebrate our member’s milestones, especially when we are celebrating their life. Last week, we hosted Member Matthews Rule’s 60th birthday party, marked by joy, laughter, and heartfelt connections.

The celebration reflected a lasting sense of friendship and enduring relationships. Guests enjoyed the elegant setting of the Dining Room, where every aspect, from the tasteful food to the excellent service, added to the overall splendour of the occasion. Amidst the sounds of clinking glasses and laughter resonating through the halls, this 60th birthday party became an unforgettable moment, highlighting the club’s dedication to offering a sophisticated and captivating backdrop for life’s significant milestones.

“Fortunately I know Michael Fagan, and it is thanks to him that I made one of my very best decisions when moving to Sydney in early 2020 and that was to join Tattersalls. I love the place, am always made to feel so very welcome, and every now and then I do a bit of exercise! The decision to host my 60th at the Club was a no-brainer, and I was yet again surprised on the upside. Camille and Josefa were super helpful on the logistics, and Mario and the Team from the Dining Room and Kitchen were fantastic. The Bar was pretty good for the after-party too, and the feedback from my guests has been predictably very positive. Thank you, Tattersalls.” Matthew Rule.