Normally we award the AD Member of the Month based on a single athletic achievement, but this month we are highlighting the importance of having a strong circle of influence. A nod to the unsung hero of the journeys.

Mario had Luigi, Frodo had Samwise Gamgee and Batman had Robin we all know the importance of having a wing person to help us achieve our goals and desires, for Tattersalls swimmers taking on any journey they have one person – the one and only Jonathan Papalia.

Earlier this year Jonathan helped Brendan Maher complete the Manly to Palm beach swim in 10 hours by guiding him through the rough sea’s and providing constant support and nutritional helpings.

Last month Jonathan returned to help swimmer Peter Thiel and the Tattersalls team secure another Bondi to Watson Bay swim championship but successfully navigating the notoriously tough and cold swim.

Not only a superstar in the water, but Jonathan has provided mentoring help and assistance to preparing to take on challenges such as the Hawksberry Classic in October.

Honour and friendship are our key values at the club. Jonathan’s support in helping others succeed around him exemplifies this core principles at our foundation and for this reason we are pleased to support him as our May AD MOTM.