They made it! It has taken 11 days, but they made it to Geraldton!

One of our members, Justin Browne, together with his Star Wars team, went on an epic adventure travelling the width of Australia through deserts and mountain ranges.

The Bash kicked off with a thrilling start at Mt Panorama, Bathurst, diving right into the exciting action from the very beginning. The participants were immediately directed onto dirt roads, immersing themselves in the adventure. Day 2 led them to explore Broken Hill, followed by a journey through Wilpena Pound, where they traversed ancient mountain ranges and tree-lined gorges within the Flinders Ranges. A brief pause occurred at the renowned William Creek Hotel before concluding the leg in Coober Pedy, the world’s Opal capital. The expedition continued northward, reaching the awe-inspiring spectacle of Uluru. The journey pressed forward, venturing through the Murchison Region and eventually arriving at the picturesque Batavia Coast.

After driving 6.500 km, they not only won the Bash, but they also managed to raise over $75,000 for Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW & ACT which is an awesome charity doing great things for children across Australia. Well done!