By member Nigel Robinson

With the completion of the warmup events being the Black Ball Cup in Cairo and the Canary Wharf Classic in London, all eyes turned to the Michelle Martin Cup in Sydney at Tattersalls Club on Hyde Park.

Once again, the parker-tree court was graced with past and future champions as competitors fought for the MM Cup (wherever it may be last seen in the Tattersalls Bar in December in the arms of one Aleks Krajcer).

The early rounds of the tournament consisted of two rounds of matches scoring first to seven. The outcome of these matches determined the ranking of the knockout semi-final series.  Alecks was defending his title with typical vigour, whilst a new challenger, Ms Colleen Kwan was a determined challenger for the Cup.

The Challenger Round saw Brian Graham and Peter Dunoon compete in two exciting matches, with Brian holding off a determined opponent and then Ms Kwan defeating the author 11-10 in the second knockout semi-final.

The final went down to the wire, with Alecks defeating Colleen 11-9 in an incredible match of squash (and test of fitness) and securing his second MM title.

This was followed by dinner and drinks in the bar with George and David Thackeray where it was ascertained that the actual cup that we were playing for was still missing!!

So for the next couple of weeks, we will have social hits on Wednesday (all are welcome) and then the City Houses Tournament commences in the second week of May. Teams will be competing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at the Club- so all are welcome to play!