As far as food goes, the French have bought us many great things, in particular, pâté in all shapes and forms – popular as a snack or an entrée, or in some culture, a popular breakfast dish!

Pâté is roughly translated from the French to mean ‘paste’ or a coarse mixture, usually a mixture of ground meats and fat to which other savoury herbs and spices are added. Some of you might think this sounds like a 1970s dinner party dish, but the origin is actually rooted in all of northern and central European cuisines. In the Middle ages, it was a staple of the country side, the ‘Campagne’ – where meat, game and poultry were raised, slaughtered and prepared for food on the homestead. Although no one knows exactly when it was invented, there is evidence the famous ‘pâté de foie gras’ from 1765 when it was created in Normandy.

Fast forward nearly 100 years later when Tattersalls was founded, we have adopted this dish as a medium for creative exploration. Newly listed on our dining room menu is the house made Pâté de Campagne served with croutons, pickles and mustard mayonnaise. Tattersalls’ mixture consist of bacon, minced pork belly, chicken liver & thigh and clove spice, introducing more flavours and textures – a humble but delicious entrée with a little added Penfolds port and Hennessy cognac for luxury.

While the French certainly invented pâté as we know it, Tattersalls have been potting meats to preserve them for hundreds of years. Enjoy this new dish with a glass of Our Colmar Estate pinot gris from Orange, NSW and you’re a goddess. Or if you’re a god, then Ezzy will just serve you the whole bottle instead. Contact the team to reserve a table at