Tuesday 11 June from 07:15 to 08:55 in the Dining Room

Only a few days before our next business breakfast, by popular vote, the next BOF Topic is a doozy ….sales.

What is working to generate demand, create leads, convert sales and create brands?  You’ll find out next Tuesday 11 June.

This next Business Forum is for anyone who directly (or indirectly) relies on someone getting revenue from selling something. Arguably, that would be everyone in Australia with a job!

The Big BOF Sales Banter will cover what drives the big wheels of topline (revenue) growth.

Here’s a taster:

  • Marketing and demand generation – when to create a market and when to tap the stream
  • Funnel models – trends and tips for TOFU, MOFU and BOFU (top, mid and bottom of funnel)
  • Lead sources – where do different industries get leads (B2B, B2C and from search, display to radio, mail and trade shows)
  • Impact of digital and why using the EES model shows it’s losing its power
  • Conversion and closing – education or process models, and why the JFU email always works
  • Branding for small businesses – where it is the same and where it is different to the big end of town
  • Software and CRM models – should you choose Salesforce and why not
  • Attribution and metrics – which should you use and how do you know if you’re in a rabbit hole and making things harder
  • Taking clients to lunch and Christmas gifts – when does the ATO raise an eyebrow

If you read this far, you know you must come along. Whether you’ve been before or not, every member is welcome.  You don’t have to be a business owner, but you do need to be interested in the wider world and domestic economy, commercial policy, trade and business.

Tuesday 11 June 2024
07:15: Coffee orders
07:30: Start
08:55: Finish, ready for your workday

To RSVP, contact Camille at events@tattersallsclub.org