Picture the experience of sinking your teeth into a meticulously prepared slice of exquisitely marbled Black Angus beef. Envision the symphony of flavours, the sumptuous mouthfeel, the succulence, and the tenderness that can only be found in the finest Black Angus cuts. This is the embodiment of Black Onyx.

For the upcoming week, our Head Chef, Fernando, has secured a limited quantity of the coveted Black Onyx cut. Hailing from the chilly climes of New England Tablelands in NSW and sourced from the esteemed Rangers Valley, this is ‘The Marbled Beef’ against which all others are measured.

As Fernando says, “Achieving such intricate marbling in Angus beef is no small feat, and encountering it in grass-fed cattle is a rarity.” The Onyx boasts a remarkable marble score of 3+, a testament to Rangers Valley’s leadership and their unwavering commitment to both cattle well-being and the sustainability of our planet.

This exclusive offering is available for the next week, until sold out. To savour a bite of the Angus beef, reach out to our team at dine@tattersallsclub.org today, and book a table.